Who Can Join

Membership in the Texas Pediatric Society is attained by qualifying for one of the following categories of membership:

Active Membership

Any physician who is a resident of Texas, holding a current Texas medical license, who has graduated from an approved medical school and completed an approved pediatric training program of two or more years may hold an Active Membership. This category includes those who are pediatric sub-specialists. Click here to apply online. Dues for FY: $220

Associate Membership

Physicians who qualify for Associate Membership are out-of-state pediatricians, physicians involved in a medical discipline other than pediatrics (ex: Family Physicians, Internal Medicine), or a dentist who treats children. Associate Members may serve on committees but may not vote or hold office. Click here to apply online. Dues for FY: $220

Resident and Fellow Membership

Any resident or fellow currently enrolled in an approved Texas pediatric training or fellowship program may hold a Resident Membership. Resident and Fellow members may serve on committees may vote. Click here to apply online. Dues for FY: $20

Medical Student Membership

Any medical student currently enrolled in an approved Texas medical school may hold a Medical Student Membership. Student Members may serve on committees. Click here to apply online. Dues for FY: $15



For additional information please contact:

Director of Member Services
Texas Pediatric Society
401 West 15th Street, Suite 682 Austin, Texas 78701
P: (512) 370-1517
F: (512) 473-8659