Vaccine Information

Vaccines save lives.

To help communicate the message that vaccines are not only safe and effective, but essential in protecting the health of our children, TPS has created a video featuring two Texas families who have lost children to vaccine preventable disease.

Talking to Families About the Importance of Vaccinations: Two Families Share Their Story
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To hear more from these families on the devastating impact flu and pertussis (whooping cough) had on their lives, please see their individual stories by clicking the links below.

Haleigh's Story
Emily's Story

Vaccine Preventable Disease: The Real Impact

Stories that underscore the need for vaccination
Shot by Shot
Facing Meningitis (graphic images)
If Not Vaccination, Then What?
Why Immunize?
Shot of Prevention

Parent Information

Reliable information from organizations that are dedicated to the health and safety of children
American Academy of Pediatrics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Vaccines and Immunization

Recommended Vaccine Schedule: 0 - 6 years
Recommended Vaccine Schedule: 7 - 18 years
Recommended Vaccine Schedule: Adults

Vaccinate Your Baby
Protect Babies. Get Vaccinated
US Department of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2020
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Information Center

Vaccine Safety Information

Info to help parents separate fact from fiction
Vaccine Studies: Examine the Evidence
Clear Answers and Smart Advice About Your Baby's Shots
Some Common Misconceptions

Provider Resources for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Tools to help health care providers communicate to parents the importance of vaccination
Risk Communication Videos
Strategies for Pediatricians: Addressing Common Concerns of Vaccine Hesitant Parents
Making the CASE for Vaccine Safety: A New Model for Communicating with Parents
Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents

Vaccine Preventable Disease: The Forgotten Story