TPS sends our support to Odessa/Midland

To Our TPS Members,

Pediatricians, parents, children, and family members in every community of Texas are grieving with those who lost loved ones this past weekend in Odessa. Our patients and their parents are being gunned down in unimaginable public spaces and even on the front lawns of their homes.  Children are being exposed to violence in the places where they should feel the safest. 

Gun violence is an ever-increasing public health crisis in Texas.  We must address firearm violence with public health solutions. 

As such, Texas lawmakers must act accordingly.  The Texas Pediatric Society calls on the Governor and the Texas Legislature to, at a minimum, implement the common-sense firearm safety policies outlined by the Governor’s Firearm Safety Action Plan published in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting.  Let no more Texans die while we wait to implement common sense firearm safety policies.

In addition, I am in the process of creating a task force that can address the issues of increasing violence in general to which our children are exposed.

Our hearts and prayers are with the Odessa and Midland communities, our state, and our nation, but be assured that the Texas Pediatric Society stands ready to help take steps to prevent another such event.

Ben G. Raimer, MD