TPS Mourns the Death of Austin Pediatrician Dr. Lindley Dodson

We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of our colleague, Dr. Lindley Dodson, in Austin. Once again, we are faced with a horrific incident for which it is difficult to find the words to address. Our hearts go out to Dr. Dodson’s family, friends, colleagues and staff, and the children she dedicated her life to caring for. It is so hard to fathom how to fill the void left by her death. We have lost a caring and devoted mother, wife, colleague, and friend who will be forever missed. Violence continues to be a scourge for which our country needs to come to grips with, and it is especially disheartening when such violence happens in a pediatric office, which should be a safe place of healing, caring and nurturing. In such times of sorrow, we would normally gather in person to grieve and support each other, but unfortunately, these are not normal times.

On behalf of the Texas Pediatric Society, we extend our deepest condolences and stand ready to support the entire Austin pediatric community and all of those affected by this senseless act.

Seth D. Kaplan, MD, TPS President
Tricia Hall, CAE, CMP, TPS Executive Director

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers their message of condolence with a statement by AAP President Dr. Lee Savio Beers.