TPS Foundation Resident and Medical Student Grants

Medical Students and Residents can now apply for funds for projects they conduct within Texas that contribute to the health, safety and welfare of children in Texas.

How to Apply:  If you are a Resident or Medical Student in Texas, and a member of TPS, you may apply for a grant by following the instructions listed below.  As with our other funding requests, the first step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry.  The deadline to submit a Letter of Inquiry is August 1st. 

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry:

Email LOI sumbissions to the email provided in the Grant Application Guidelines document.

TPSF will review your letter and contact you regarding a decision within one month. 

Letters of Inquiry (LOI) should include:

  • Your medical school or residency program
  • A summary of your project
  • A statement of need and methodology as well as background information about the requesting organization/individual. 
  • The amount of grant funding sought for the project must also be included in the letter of inquiry.

All letters must be submitted no later than August 1st. 

Full proposals are accepted by request only after an LOI is submitted and should be submitted online and are accepted no later than October 1st. If a full proposal is requested they must adhere our Grant Application Guidelines.

Review Process TPSF staff screens both Letters of Inquiry and Full Proposals for completeness and compliance with grant submission requirements. An independent grant committee reviews proposals. Final approval of funding is determined by the TPS Foundation Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.