Texas Pediatric Society Medical Student and Resident/Fellow E-Poster Application

Fill out the poster application form and submit your entry below by the deadline, Monday, May 15, 2023 by 8 AM.

This is NOT the membership application - access the membership application here.

Once you are a member, use the Sign-In button on the upper right side of the website to log in which allows you to save this form as a draft until you are ready to submit the final entry.  If you utilize the "save as a draft" feature, make sure that you complete the process of submitting your poster by clicking the "submit" button. We will not accept any submissions in draft form. For instructions on how to log-in go to www.txpeds.org/password.

Please make sure your poster meets all the requirements prior to submission. Reminder, the contest is open to medical students, residents, and fellows who are enrolled in a Texas medical school or Texas Residency/Fellow program AND are current medical students, residents/fellows members of TPS.  TPS permits co-authorship from other specialties and faculty, BUT PRIMARY AUTHOR AND PEDIATRIC FACULTY ADVISOR MUST BE MEMBERS OF TPS.

**PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN PDF or PowerPoint BY 8 AM on Monday, May 15, 2023.

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This is for secondary as well as all additional authors. Names must be listed at the time of application. List their full name and credentials, and if they were a resident/fellow or faculty.
List each email of each author and if necessary, put their name in ().
Faculty advisor for contest submission must be a Texas Pediatric Society Member.
Upon review of your poster eligibility we will confirm your faculty advisor's TPS membership. If they are not a current TPS member your poster will be considered ineligible.

E-Poster Example: Is your poster in a vertical template? View an example of a winning E-poster submission, please reference a past first place winner in the hypothesis driven project category, Dr. Johana Castro Wagner, with her submission

Poster presentation title should include the title of the poster and your first and last name. Please do not put "TPS Poster."
You must submit an application for each poster you submit. You may submit one poster per each category.
Your poster must be in a vertical format to be accepted. Please make sure the primary author's last name and the poster title are in the file name. Please do not upload a document titled "TPS Submission." Upload presentation here.
Files must be less than 24 MB.
Allowed file types: png pdf ppt pptx.
The Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) requires that each author sign this form before material review can proceed. Such signature(s) shall be evidence of the mutual understanding between the TPS and the undersigned that the author is the primary author and owner of the work submitted; that it is original; and that the author has full power to make such statements. By typing my name and the names of my co-author(s), I certify the above statements to be true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, and that a Pediatric Faculty Advisor and Program Director have reviewed the entries, and that this information can be used for the purpose of processing TPS E-Poster Submission. Do you accept these terms?
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