Texas Health Steps Online Provider Education

In 2007, the Texas Department of State Health Services developed 16 educational online modules on various healthcare topics relevant to pediatrics. Though initially designed to meet the needs of providers serving the Texas Health Steps population, trainings contain valuable information and are available to all providers. The web-based training modules are self paced and continuing education credits are provided for completing these short courses, which are designed to take one hour. The courses are offered free of charge, and can be accessed at: http://www.txhealthsteps.com/default.asp.

Modules are also available in PowerPoint® versions for use in trainings conducted in classroom settings, and informational materials have been developed in conjunction with the modules to provide physicians with tools to help educate their patients. In the coming months, DSHS is planning to add trainings on the following topics:

  • Sickle Cell Trait
  • Children with Asthma
  • Children with Diabetes
  • Physical Assessment for Nurses
  • Treating Children with a Mental/Behavioral Diagnosis
  • Using Development Assessment Tools
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Hemoglobin and Hematocrit in an Office Setting
  • Case Management
  • Genetics - When to Make a Referral
  • High Risk Behaviors
  • Comprehensive Care