Student Information


Student Information

2022 Summer Program- application open date is pending. 
Complete this interest form to stay up to date on the application opening. 

Student Information

Preceptor Student Packet

The student application for summer preceptorships will be available through the March 31st deadline. 

Packet Item Includes Information Regarding...
Preceptorship Program Facts Commonly asked questions, prerequisites, goals and objectives, etc.

Preceptorship Preceptor Directory

Clinical Skills and Interest Inventory Identifying students' interests and experiences for the best preceptor match. *Complete after you receive your match.
First Contact with Preceptors What to expect and what to ask
Goals and Objectives for Physicians and Students What's expected from all participants in the program
Examples of Appropriate Student Activities Practical examples of duties that students in the program can perform
Learning Contract (PDF) Identifying goals that students and preceptors can work towards
Patient Record Log (PDF) An optional form for recording patient contacts during preceptorship
Evaluation Form - Student of Preceptor For students - Evaluate your preceptor- *Mandatory 
Evaluation Form - Preceptor of Student For preceptors - Evaluate your student- *Mandatory 
W9 Form For students- IRS W9 form to receive a stipend-*Mandatory, complete upon completion of preceptorship 
Student Stipend Form Student form to receive a stipend- *Mandatory, print out to complete on the last day of your preceptorship, requires preceptor's signature 
COVID-19 Liability Waiver Sign and upload to shared drive

Watch the TPS Preceptee Interest Video!


Interested students and physicians should contact:
Anslee Boozer, Pediatric Preceptorship Program Coordinator
401 W. 15th St., Suite 682
Austin, 78701-1665
(512) 370-1563
fax (512) 473-8659