student activities

Student Packet: Examples of Appropriate Student Activities

Initial encounters in the office

  • Student accompanies physician into examining rooms for patient office visits
  • Preceptor allows student to witness/confirm findings on physical examination
  • Preceptor explains rationale of diagnosis and management plans to student
  • Preceptor asks student to read and report on a disease process witnessed

Subsequent encounters in the office

  • Preceptor allows student to interview patients with a single complaint (e.g., sore throat)
  • Preceptor allows student to perform a single organ system exam (e.g., lungs)

Interaction with office-based health care professionals

  • Allow student to observe nurse visits (i.e. immunizations)

Supplemental student activities

  • Accompany physician on hospital rounds
  • Accompany physician to medical staff/medical society meetings
  • Observe medical procedures

Additional activities are strongly encouraged, with the purpose of allowing graded levels of responsibility for the student based on the preferences of each physician. It is desirable that periods of observation be supplemented with as much hands-on student activity as is practical. The rotation should provide student activity at least 5 days per week.