Stay informed about the new CVO initiative coming soon for Medicaid managed care - Training sessions available in April

Earlier this year, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission  posted information regarding the Consolidated Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) Initiative on their website; they have been adding to it since that time. This is an initiative that is meant to simplify credentialing for Medicaid managed care. Click here for more information about how the process works (under ”Resources for Providers”). The CVO initiative will include all Texas Medicaid providers including physicians, hospitals, DME providers, facilities and all types of ancillary providers including nursing facilities and other Long-term Services & Supports (LTSS) who wish to enroll with Medicaid managed care organizations.

According to the notice on the website, “The first phase of the project began for some MCOs who are ready to begin transitioning their new providers to the CVO in January. Providers who contact the MCOs to begin the contracting and credentialing process will begin receiving communication from Aperture Credentialing, LLC who will collect the credentialing application and required documentation. The anticipated CVO start date for all newly credentialing providers will be April 2018. Additional information regarding re-credentialing and the single re-credentialing date will be forthcoming.” Please take a look at the linked information found under “Resources for Providers”and watch for updates as the initiative advances. You can also view a slide deck from a recent presentation here. There will be 2 different training opportunities in April click here for additional information.