Project Firstline

An Infection Prevention and Control Training Collaborative

Project Firstline is a CDC national training collaborative offering timely infection control training to front line health care workers and the public health workforce in the fight against infectious disease threats. As a key partner in this initiative, TPS is pleased to help bring this critical training opportunity to the health care field and champion sound decision-making and positive behaviors in a time of crisis. Want to learn more about Project Firstline or looking for infection prevention and control resources? Contact Alix Bronner

TPS Infection Prevention and Control Ambassador: Dr. Claire Bocchini

TPS Webinar Series

Optimizing Infection Prevention and Control in Pediatric Care
Speakers: Claire Bocchini, MD and Marc Mazade, MD
Immunization and Infection Prevention & Control Town Hall
Speakers: Claire Bocchini, MD and Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD