Updates on Ordering Pediatric Vaccines

From DSHS:

October 26, 2021
This is a reminder that you may continue to place requests for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5-11 in the Vaccine Allocation and Ordering System.
You may now order the new pediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in one-vial increments (10 doses per vial). However, please expect a delay in receiving doses as these orders will not ship until after the initial pre-orders are sent out.
Smaller quantity orders will be delivered by the State shipping partner, Cold Chain Technologies.
  • You will not be able to use your current stock of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (purple cap vials) to administer vaccine to children 5-11 years of age.
  • You can only administer the new presentation of Pfizer vaccine (orange cap vials) for this population.
If you have any questions, please email COVID19VacShipments@dshs.texas.gov.
Thank you for your continued support and vaccination efforts.
Texas Department of State Health Services

If you are not enrolled in the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Program, please do so ASAP. You can enroll here or learn more about enrolling here.

For more updates on preparing for to COVID-19 vaccine for children, click here

For additional information on COVID-19, visit the TPS COVID-19 Resource Page

Additional Updates on Pediatric Vaccines: 

These initial orders are important for DSHS to determine provider needs and allocate doses. You must sign up to be a Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider to order COVID-19 vaccines, even if you are a TVFC provider. You can do so here, or check out this registration webinar for more information. Register ASAP!

Other important details:

  • Storage: Vaccines can be stored in a standard pharmaceutical grade refrigerator with a thermal logger for 10 weeks, or in an ultralow temp freezer until the expiration date on the vial. Learn more about vaccine storage and handling here.  
  • The Vaccine: It is a separate pediatric formulation with an orange cap specific for a 10 mcg dose. Adult and pediatric vaccines are not interchangeable. Pediatric ancillary kits will automatically be added to a vaccine order and ship at the same time as the vaccine. Learn more about the vaccine here.
  • Reporting: Doses must be reported in ImmTrac2 within 24 hours of administration. Read more about COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting.  
  • Approval and Administration: The FDA Advisory Committee meets on Oct. 26 and ACIP will meet on Nov. 2-3. Providers may be able to administer in early November, pending approval. Other administration instructions and clinical recommendations will be released upon approval. For more information, visit the DSHS pages on Vaccine Administration & Fee Information, Vaccine Information & Presentation, and Managing Vaccine Orders, Administration, & Monitoring.
  • Trainings: Pfizer Medical Affairs will hold trainings on Tuesdays at 5 pm ET and Thursdays at 12 pm ET for the rest of 2021. Find the webinar links and passwords here. DSHS hosts weekly provider webinars with Q & A (Oct. 19 Highlights).