Pediatric Council

The Pediatric Council of the Texas Pediatric Society will advocate for its membership on coverage, payment and administrative issues by regular engagement of private payers. 

In 2015 the TPS Pediatric Council was revived to meet the mission noted above.  The TPS Pediatric council works closely with the TMA, AAP and Insurance companies to address common and critical issues for TPS membership.  This is a TPS board-appointed council. If you wish to serve on the Pediatric Council, please email the co-chairs below with your letter of interest. Then, the co-chairs will submit their recommendation to the TPS Executive Director for board approval, and you will be notified.

If you have a current issue that you would like addressed, we encourage you to take the following 2 steps:

  1.  Notify a TPS Pediatric Council Co-chair with a general explanation.  Please do not include PMI.
    1. Brent Cardwell, MD
    2. Joshua Tardy, MD
  2. Report specific details to the TMA Hassle Factor Log and follow their protocol for submitting PMI. ( 

These two steps help make us aware of issues facing our membership and advocate for resolution.


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