RSV Data Reporting

Data Reporting

  • See Texas RSV Data here (updated weekly).
  • See CDC reporting along with state, regional, and national trends here.
  • See participating labs here
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RSV: The Texas Pediatric Society Infectious Diseases Committee is pleased to provide updated information on respiratory viral surveillance in children in our state. 

Per Texas DSHS RSV website “Individual cases of RSV are not reportable by law in Texas. RSV data are reported voluntarily by sentinel Texas laboratories on a weekly basis through the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NREVSS) sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Sentinel providers report both the number of RSV tests performed and the number of positive tests detected on a weekly basis.”

RSV activity is shown by Texas DSHS as number of tests performed, number of tests positive, and the percent of tests positive at A line indicates a cutoff of 3% for the percent positive RSV PCR tests. The definition of the start of the RSV season is the first of 2 consecutive weeks with ≥3% positive RSV PCR tests.

Elise Huebner, MS, CPH, CIC, currently serves as the acting RSV/Flu Surveillance Coordinator at Texas DSHS in Austin. The Texas RSV task force is chaired by Dr. Manjusha Gaglani and includes some of the TPS Infectious Disease Committee members. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Gaglani at or call 254-935-5047. (Updated 8/3/2021).

Registering and reporting through NREVSS is simple - just go to for complete details!


To get more info or register for RSV alerts, please visit The most recent Texas data can be found at

Are the labs in your area reporting? If not, find out how they can participate in this important effort by clicking HERE.

Please direct questions or suggestions to Dr. Manju Gaglani, MBBS, FAAP, FIDSA, FPIDS, McLane Children’s Baylor Scott & White Health, 254-935-5047,, or Alix Bronner, Texas Pediatric Society,, 512-370-1509.