Medical Student Section

Who we are:

TPS created the MSS in the mid 1990s to provide future pediatricians with an opportunity to grow professionally and help prepare them for their future in pediatrics. This organized membership section helps focus attention on issues unique to pediatrics and to Texas' students and also provides an outlet for students from all over Texas to communicate and network with each other.

How to Join

Annual dues for a student membership are only $15.  If you would like to join TPS as a Medical Student Section member our online membership form click here.

How we help you:


General Pediatric Preceptorship Program

The Pediatric Preceptorship Program is a four-week program in which students are matched with a general pediatrician in private practice providing students an opportunity to experience pediatric practice first-hand, away from the medical school setting. The Texas Pediatric Society administers the program through a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Pediatricians throughout the State serve as preceptors. In the program, students will learn about general pediatric practice including common pediatric medical and developmental conditions, office management, hospital practice, and community services for children.  If you're interested visit the Preceptorship Program Page.

Annual Medical Section Program

Attend this program the  during the TPS Annual Meeting and learn about hot topics like interviewing for your residency, pediatric specialties and how to shine on the wards. This section meets annually in connection with the TPS Annual Meeting. The 2021 meeting will be held on September 11th in Galveston, TX.  If you would like more information on the program this year it is under the medical student section program page under the Annual Meeting tab.  If you need any additional information, please contact Anslee Boozer

Resident/Medical Student Advocacy Day

Another opportunity for networking and education is through the Resident/Medical Student Advocacy Day which occurs in late winter each year and is held in Austin. The purpose of this event is to engage the next generation of pediatricians in the legislative process by providing the knowledge, skills, and opportunity necessary to successfully advocate on behalf of your patients and the profession of medicine. The event is free for TPS Members!

Medical Student Electronic Poster Contest

The goal of the contest is to feature research and education of Texas medical students interested in Pediatrics.  Contest categories for submission include: Hypothisis Driven Projects, Evidence Based Medicine/Quality of Improvement and Single or Multiple Case Presentation. For more information on the contest and how to enter, visit the poster contest page


TPS Committees

Explore career interests through one of the 16 TPS committees.  Connect with Resident, Residency Directors and Pediatric Department Heads from all over Texas.  


Make connections by participating in TPS Committees, attending the Annual Leadership Planning Summit, the TPS Annual Meeting, and engage in advocacy projects.