Medicaid Mosquito Repellent Benefit Reinstated

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a news release today regarding the reinstatement of the Texas Medicaid Mosquito Repellent Benefit. According to the release, the benefit begins 11/29/2016 and will be in place through December.

"Eligible Texas women can go to participating pharmacies to pick up mosquito repellent, as Texas Medicaid has a standing order for mosquito repellent prescriptions for women who are between the ages of 10 and 45 or pregnant.

The benefit includes two cans per month per eligible beneficiary. Women are encouraged to call the pharmacy ahead of time because supply can vary by location.

Women eligible for the Medicaid, CHIP and CHIP-Perinate programs are covered. Women covered under the Healthy Texas Women and Children with Special Health Care Needs programs also can receive the benefit.

The following Zika-related items also are covered under current Texas Medicaid benefits:

  • Family planning services
  • Contraceptives
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Targeted case management
  • Physical therapy
  • Long term services and support
  • Acetaminophen and oral electrolytes for Zika symptoms
  • Potential coverage for additional ultrasounds for pregnant women"

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