Ensuring children stay up-to-date on immunizations and providing patients and families with trusted information on immunizations has never been more important

Immunizations are an essential tool to prevent disease and have played a crucial role in nearly eradicating many diseases. Immunizations provide a safe, effective way to protect children from disease, including some cancers, as well as hospitalization, disability, and death (AAP). AAP policy calls for the on-time, routine immunization of all children and adolescents, read more here.  

Immunization Resources

Making Vaccine Reccomendations

Pediatricians should make strong vaccine recommendations and begin having vaccine conversations with parents as early as possible. For more tools for communicating with families about vaccinations, check out:

Sample Letters to the Editor: Back-to-School Vaccinations

The Texas Medical Association and the Texas Pediatric Society are excited to offer ready-to-use letters to the editor that you may send to your local newspaper and publications. Feel free to pick your favorite, add your name, and send. Please send the letters as an individual pediatrician with your name and city. If you plan on using any title, please check with your practice or institution for approval.  We encourage you to customize each letter with statistics from your practice or community, keeping in mind that LTE’s are usually limited to no more than 150 words maximum. 


The Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization Unit launched ImmTrac2 on April 3rd. The new system replaces the previous system, ImmTrac, and provides expanded capabilities for registered ImmTrac2 users. To learn more about ImmTrac2 and what to expect, please visit the ImmTrac2 website, where many resources are available, including the Implementation Guide, User Manual, Provider Online Enrollment Manual, webinars and PowerPoint presentations, which are all available for download at the ImmTrac2 Forms and Document webpage.

The DSHS Immunization Unit is expecting to see a large call volume for the ImmTrac2 Help Desk (1-800-348-9158). Due to the large call volume, the time it takes to speak to a Help Desk support staff member may be longer than usual. It is encouraged for registered users to email the ImmTrac2 Help Desk at as the response time may be quicker.