How to Contribute

Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts!

There are 2 Ways to Make a Donation to the Texas Pediatric Society Foundation:


2.  Print out and mail in our DONATION FORM

The TPS Foundation counts on your donations to support projects and programs all over the state of Texas that aim to improve the lives of Texas' Children.  If you'd like more information on how we spend our donor dollars check out our Circle of Giving newsletter.

The TPSF is a public charity established to enhance the well-being of Texas children by supporting efforts to help improve their health, safety, and education and to make a positive impact on their lives and futures. As such, all contributions are fully tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws. And of course, we welcome your interest in volunteering. Contact Amy White using the link below for more information on volunteering.

Categories of Giving

TPSF Primary Endowment

The TPSF Primary Endowment was established to provide perpetual funding to support TPSF, its mission, and its purpose.  The mission of the TPSF is to enhance the well-being of children by supporting efforts to help improve their health,
safety and education, and to make a positive impact on their lives and futures.  To make a donation to the TPSF Primary Endowment, simply select the TPSF Primary Endowment on the "donation type" dropbox located on the online donation form.

Legacy Giving

We also welcome your interest in making contributions through your will or other means. Visit our legacy giving page for more information.

Emergency Relief/Recovery

Contributions to this giving category are used to fund emergency relief and recovery efforts conducted by Pediatricians and other child advocacy organizations in Texas during times of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake and other emergency events.

For additional information, please contact:
401 West 15th Street, Suite 682
Austin, Texas 78701