Fetus & Newborn Committee


To improve health outcomes for newborns in the state of Texas.


The Fetus and Newborn Committee focuses efforts to advance programs and policies that improve neonatal health outcomes.  We collaborate with state agencies and partner organizations to provide guidance and education on a wide variety of  topics, such as, the Texas newborn screening program, quality improvement initiatives, statewide designation of levels of NICU care, and breastfeeding promotion.   The Committee will support and develop programs and projects that enhance the healthcare of Texas newborns.

Speak Up

Did you know that Texas law now requires critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) screening for newborns in NICUs? The Fetus and Newborn Committee is requesting your assistance in collecting statewide information about NICU best practices for CCHD screening. We value your input! Please share your experience by completing this short, anonymous survey.