Early Relational Health: Framework for Mitigating Childhood Toxic Stress & Building Resiliency in Children

On October 19th, TPS partnered with First3Years to present a webinar on advancing early relational health (ERH) in pediatric practices. ERH describes the positive, stimulating, and nurturing interactions between young children and adults that establish the emotional security and connection needed to promote physical health and development, social well-being, and resilience in children. Pediatric practices are one of the few settings where a young child and primary caregiver are seen together during the earliest years of life. Thus, pediatricians have an integral role in promoting safe, stable, and nurturing relationships that mitigate childhood toxic stress and build resiliency in children. This webinar will explore strategies and opportunities to apply a relational health framework into clinical practice. Watch the recording here!

Speakers: Naomie Kadima, MSc, Relational Health Program Manager at First3Years & David Willis, MD, Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP)