Committee on Early Childhood


In order for Texas children to reach their full potential, the Texas Pediatric Society’s Early Childhood Committee envisions that all Texas children will have optimal nurturing and bonding with a supportive environment during their early childhood.


Recognizing the critical importance of early brain and child development, the Early Childhood Committee's mission is to empower pediatricians to support and guide families and their communities in providing care for Texas’ young children. 


  • Promote optimal early childhood nutrition, especially breastfeeding.
  • Support early literacy.
  • Collaborate with other state agencies, health and childcare providers, and communities in promoting optimal early childhood development.


ICD Codes related to Breastfeeding Management (Texas Department of State Health Services)
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine - very useful protocols
United States National Library of Medicine Toxicology Data Network, select LactMed - database with information about medications and breastfeeding
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
CDC Webpage On Breastfeeding
Office of Women’s Health Webpage on Breastfeeding - website sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture that provides personalized dietary guidelines for children and adults. Includes recommendations about intake of specific foods and physical activity.
Breastfeeding Resouces -

HALF - Healthy Active Living for Families, by the AAP

American Academy of Pediatrics Literacy Toolkit - includes useful information about health literacy and the pediatrician’s role in promoting literacy
Reach Out and Read National Center
Reach Out and Read Texas

Early Childhood Development
Kids Health - website sponsored by the Nemours Foundation with great information for parents and children
Healthy Child Care America - website by the AAP with information for parents and physicians about child care
Healthy Kids website by the National Resource Center for Health and Child Care and Early Education - useful information for parents about childcare.
Resources for working with children in foster care
Business leaders recognizing the importance of early childhood education
Texas Early Childhood Intervention
Resources discussing the impact of toxic stress on the developing child
Texas Project First: Website that provides information and support for families of children with disabilities.  The site is maintained by the Texas Education Agency and Region 9 Education Service Center: 
Texas Early Learning Council

NEW! Anticipatory Guidance Resource List for Birth to 5

Childcare Resources
Childcare Resources

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