DSHS Update on Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines

Nov. 9, 2021

RE: COVID-19 Pediatric (5-11 yrs.) Vaccines

Dear  COVID-19 Vaccine Providers,

Thank you for your ongoing efforts in administering COVID-19 vaccine to Texans. The Texas Department of State Health Services is grateful for your partnership.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized and, last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued the interim clinical recommendations for the Pfizer COVID-19 pediatric (5-11 yrs.) vaccine. The Pfizer pediatric vaccine is a different product (orange cap vial) than the vaccine for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescent/adult (purple cap). The new pediatric vaccine has enhanced storage stability and comes in a smaller pack size. Below is a summary of the COVID-19 pediatric (5-11 yrs.) vaccine:

COVID-19 Pediatric (5-11 yrs.) Vaccine:

  • Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine is a different product (orange cap vial) than its vaccine for adolescents and adults (purple cap).
  • The pediatric vaccine can be stored under refrigerated temperatures for up to 10 weeks.
  • It can be ordered in a pack size of 100 doses. Providers can also place orders as small as 10 doses (1 vial).
  • It is administered via intramuscular injection as a series of two doses (0.2 mL per dose after dilution) three weeks apart.
  • The summary of the two formulations can be found here: Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Formulations (Orange and Purple Caps)

Vaccine must be administered in accordance with the FDA’s updated emergency use authorization. Providers must give all vaccine recipients, or a parent or guardian if the recipient is a minor, the fact sheet for recipients and caregivers prior to vaccination. Oral or written parental consent is required for vaccination of minors. The parent or guardian does not need to be present during the child’s vaccination once they have provided consent.

Additional Resources:

Thank you again for your continued dedication and commitment in vaccinating Texans.


Texas Department of State Health Services