Donations create a strong base to support the Texas Pediatric Society Foundation's grants. We extend a special thank you to each of our donors.

2019 TPS Foundation Donors

Warriors for Children
San Antonio Pediatric Society

Champions for Children
Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
Cook Children's Health Care System
Drs. Ben G. & Sharon S. Raimer
Drs. Kerren & Richard Lampe
Fran Willms and Ernest Buck (in honor of Jerry Zarin, MD)
Fred McCurdy, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP
Richard L. Plumb, MD (in memory of Lois Plumb)

Ambassadors for Children
BlueCross BlueShield
Centria Health Care
Corpus Christi Pediatric Society (in memory of George W. Flood, MD)
Joan Richardson, MD, FAAP
Lori Anderson, MD (in honor of Martha & Daniel Vijjeswarapu)
Susan Durso
Texas Medical Association
Valerie Smith, MD, FAAP

Protectors for Children
Dr. Gary & Mrs. Karen Floyd (in honor of Ben G. Raimer, MD, FAAP)
Drs. Samiya & Kaashif Ahmad
James C Hoyle Jr, MD (in honor of Mary Greene-Noble)
Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD, FAAP
Kaashif Ahmad, MBBS, FAAP
Michael Speer, MD, FAAP

Advocates for Children
Betsy Branch, JD
Bill Ferguson, MD, FAAP
Caryl & Jose Gonzalez
Charleta Guillory, MD, MPH, FAAP
Ernest Buck, MD
Janet Williams, MD, FAAP
Jason Terk, MD
Jerry Zarin, MD, MBA
Kaashif Ahmad, MD, FAAP
Linda Parsi, MD
Mark Ward, MD, FAAP
Mickey Redwine
Ruchi Kaushik, MD (in memory of Mrs. Sabita Kaushik)
Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD, MPH
Sanjie Garza-Cox, MD, FAAP
Tammy Camp, MD (in honor of Drs. Kerren & Richard Lampe)
Test Spectrum, Inc.

Friends for Children
Alice Gong, MD, FAAP
Arathi Shah, MD, FAAP
Barbara Durso, MD
Clift Price, MD
Donna Persaud, MD, MBA
Dr. & Mrs. David Hardy
Hilda Loria, MD
Kimberly and Dave Edwards
Maria Scranton, MD
Marsha Griffin, MD (in memory of Bobby Gallagher)
Mary Greene-Noble (in memory of Drs. Plumb & Nickey, and in honor of Drs. Lukefahr, Smith, & Mauk)
Monica Ramos, MD, FAAP
Oscar Skip Brown, MD, FAAP
Rebecca Huston, MD, FAAP
Robert Nelson, MD
Susan L. Gillespie, MD, PhD, FAAP
Wilfred Raine, MD, FAAP
Yogeshkumar Pandya, MD, FAAP

Supporters for Children
Allen Kline, MD
Alyssa Riley, MD, MEd
Amy White, CAE
Angela Moemeka, MD, MBA
Anthony Johnson, MD
Bill Brendel, Sr, MD, CHCQM
Bob Wiebe, MD
Bonnye Sherman
Clayton Travis, MSSW
Crystal Healey, CAE
Cindy Judice, MD, FAAP
Carolyn Woodfork-Richardson, MD
Daniel & Martha Vijjeswarapu
Daniel Deane, MD
David Hardy, MD, FAAP
Deanna Kantor (in memory of Richard Plumb, MD)
Dennis Conrad, MD, FAAP
Dick Ellis, MD
Ernest Buck, MD
Fredrick A. McCurdy, MD, PhD, MBA
Gary Strong, MD
George D. Pope, MD
Halbert Woodward, MD
Janek Patel, MD
Karen Rogers, MD
Kathleen Dollins, MD
Kathryn King, MD
Joann Schulte, DO, MPH
Laura Ferguson, MD (in memory of Richard Plumb, MD)
Laura McClendon, MD, FAAP
Lisa de Ybarrondo, MD
Lisa Swanson, MD
Lolly Klein(in memory of Richard Plumb, MD)
Louis Appel, MD, MPH, FAAP
Marjan Linnell, MD, FAAP
Mary Elizabeth Cedillo-Pereira
Monica Gonzales, MD, FAAP
Monique Mills, MD, FAAP
May Zamuco-Carangal, MD, FAAP
Nadia Sabri, MD, FAAP
Nancy Kelly, MD
Padma Swamy, MD, FAAP
Patti Patterson, MD (in memory of Richard Plumb, MD)
Seth Kaplan, MD
Sharon Rae, MD
Sitratullah Maiyegun, MD
Syed Husain, MD, FAAP
Tracy McCallin, MD, FAAP
Tricia Hall, CAE, CMP
W Williamson, MD, FAAP
Veronica Meneses, MS, MSHS
Vinaya Bhatia, MD
Virginia & James Lukefahr

Thank you to all of our 2018 donors for a fantastic year of giving!

For additional information, please contact:
Amy White, Director of TPS Foundation and the General Pediatric Preceptorship Program
401 West 15th Street, Suite 682
Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 370-1519