COVID-19-Related Flexibilities Extended Through June 2020

HHSC has moved to extend the following Medicaid/CHIP flexibilities through June 30, 2020:

  • Telemedicine/audio only delivery of Texas Health Steps “well child” check-ups (original notice posted to TMHP 5/12/2020)
  • Telemedicine/audio only delivery of “acute care” E&M codes (99201-99205; 99211-99215) (original notice posted to TMHP 3/20/2020)
  • Telemedicine/audio only delivery of certain behavioral health services (90791, 90792, 90832, 90834, 90837, 90846, 90847, 90853, H0038, 99408, G2011, H0049, H0001, H0004, H0005, H0034, H2011, H2012, H2014, H2017) (original notice posted to TMHP 3/20/2020)
  • FQHC and RHC reimbursement for telemedicine and telehealth services (original notice posted to TMHP 4/2/2020)
  • Waiver of office visit co-pays in CHIP (original notice posted to TMHP 4/2/2020)

The official TMHP notices should be posted shortly. The HHSC provider-facing COVID-19 website will be updated shortly to reflect these extensions. Please note that this a non-exhaustive list of extensions.