Coronavirus: Updates for TPS Members

A Message from TPS President Dr. Tammy Camp- March 16, 2020

I heard a story on the news this morning about a lady who upon entering a grocery store was called over by an elderly couple still sitting in their car.  They desperately needed groceries but were fearful to enter the store.  The woman took their list and money, purchased the groceries and loaded them into the trunk, and the couple was able to go on their way.  I was reminded a few hours later that the fear this couple experienced in the wake of the COVID-19 situation is felt not only by the elderly.  A teenager to whom I am close expressed to me her fears regarding the outbreak - concern for her aging grandparents, for her dad with a comorbid condition, and the recent layoff of her grandfather from his job at the airport. 

As pediatricians we are blessed with the opportunity to assist children in dealing with these apprehensions.  We help them navigate troubled times through providing perspective that sometimes is missing in news reports and social media stories.  Please continue to refer to the Texas Pediatric Society website for up to date resources.  Our hard-working, flexible staff continue to update it with information you may find useful in your practice. 

Thank you to each of you for your hard work during a time of uncertainties.  I know that for many, COVID-19 has already been identified in your communities, and you are actively working to combat the concerns of parents and families while providing care and instituting plans developed for times such as these.   Others are still preparing for its inevitable appearance.   The Texas Pediatric Society is grateful for what you do for the children of this state and the care that you provide.  Please take care of yourselves and your families as you continue to care for our most precious resources. 


For additional information, updates and resources go to:

Previous letter from TPS President Dr. Tammy Camp- March 3, 2020

Less than two weeks ago, I was privileged to sit in a morning report and participate in a discussion led by one of our residents regarding the ethical decisions raised by the recent novel corona virus infection.  As this was discussed,  the question was raised, “How will we handle the situation here, if and/or when, there is demonstrated community transmission of the virus in the United States?”  Now, the question seems to be even more relevant as we follow the daily newscasts reporting on numbers quarantined, states affected, number of cases, and numbers of deaths. 

While the Texas Pediatric Society is unable to provide direct advice regarding the evaluation, diagnosis, or management of patients exposed to COVID-19, I do want to assure you that our staff and TPS Executive Board are actively engaged in gathering resources and links that may be relevant to your practice.  We recognize that every day you, the practicing pediatrician, are on the frontlines and our goal is to provide a site that can serve as a repository for relevant information that can be easily accessible with practical suggestions to assist in your preparation. 

A Message from TPS Executive Director Tricia Hall, CAE, CMP- March 18, 2020 

Dear TPS Members,
As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, we want to ensure the safety of our members, staff, and the community at large. We make updates to the TPS website daily in order to keep you informed about COVID-19 resources and the status of our upcoming events.  Our goal is to keep you informed during this very challenging and unpredictable time.

Website for Resources
You may access current postings and updated messages and resources regarding COVID-19 here.We are committed to following all  recommendations from the CDC and state and local public health departments and will be monitoring accordingly. TPS staff is on a daily call with DSHS and will continue to provide updates via our website.

TPS Annual Leadership Planning Summit (ALPS)
The TPS ALPS scheduled for April 18-19 at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio will now be hosted virtually. We will reformat our committee meetings to a virtual platform on Saturday, April 18th. This is the day originally scheduled for all committee meetings, so please continue to hold that date. Once the logistics are in place for the virtual meetings, members will receive an email about how to participate. The calendar for committee meetings will remain the same, which you can access here.

TPS Events
We are working on managing, reformatting, or rescheduling other TPS events as needed and will send out notices as those plans unfold. Please continue to watch for emails from TPS for updates.

TPS Office Staff
Starting this week, TPS staff is working from home. It is business as usual, and you can reach us by email or by phone anytime during the day.  We remain dedicated to serving our members and can do so safely by tele-commuting.  We do ask for your patience when returning emails and phone calls.

TPS President Dr. Tammy Camp and I are in touch daily, and we will continue to keep our members updated on TPS activities, including the ever-changing status of COVID-19.

As we all navigate this very difficult and challenging situation, please be safe and keep your families safe. Thank you for all you are doing for children, families and communities. The TPS team will continue to stay in touch.

Thank you,

Tricia Hall, CAE, CMP
Executive Director
Cell 505-301-9174