Committee Chairs

Committee Co-Chairs for 2018-19

Committee on Administration and Practice Management      

   Co-Chairs:  Maria Scranton, MD
                     Lisa Swanson, MD

Committee on Adolescence and Sports Medicine

   Co-Chairs:  Arthi Krishnan, MD  
                      May Lau, MD

Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect

   Co-Chairs:  Marcella Donaruma-Kwoh, MD
                      Ada Booth, MD

Committee on Nutrition & Health (Formerly Childhood Obesity)

   Co-Chairs:  Marjan Linnell, MD
                      Frank Sloan, MD

Committee on Children with Disabilities

   Co-Chairs:  Barry Lachman, MD
                      Renee Rodrigues-D'Souza, MD

Committee on Community Health Advocacy/CATCH

   Co-Chairs:  Lori Anderson, MD
                      Arathi Shah, MD

Committee on Early Childhood

    Co-Chairs:  Lizette Gomez, MD
                       Hilda Loria, MD

Committee on Emergency Medicine

    Co-Chairs:  Brent Kaziny, MD
                       Craigh Huang, MD

Committee on Fetus and Newborn

   Co-Chairs:  Charleta Guillory, MD  
                      Kaili Stehel, MD, IBCLC

Committee on Foster Care

  Co-Chairs:  Rachael Keefe, MD 
                     Valerie Smith, MD

Committee on Hospital Care

    Co-Chairs:  Cliff Chen, MD
                       Amber Yates, MD

Committee on Infectious Diseases and Immunizations

   Co-Chairs: Sarmistha Hauger, MD
                     Manju Gaglani, MD

Committee on Injury Prevention and Environmental Health

   Co-Chairs:  Rohit Shenoi, MD
                      Tracy McCallin, MD

Committee on Medical Education

   Co-Chairs:  Dennis Conrad, MD
                      Lara Johnson, MD

Committee on Medicaid

   Co-Chairs:  Maria Scranton, MD

Committee on Mental Health

   Co-Chairs:  Anne Marie Hain, MD
                      Nhung Tran, MD