Committee Chairs

Committee Co-Chairs for 2022-2023

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 TPS Co-Chairs! Their term started August 1 - July 31. Several co-chairs attended the Committee Co-Chair Orientation to learn about best practices, leadership structure, and the roles and responsibilities of committee co-chairs. See below for the list of co-chairs by committee.

Committee on Administration and Practice Management    

Co-Chairs: Marcial Oquendo, MD 
                 Arathi Shah, MD                     

Committee on Adolescence and Sports Medicine

Co-Chairs:  May Lau, MD  
                  Arthi Krishnan, MD

Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect

Co-Chairs: Natalie Kissoon, MD
Michelle Ruda, MD

Committee on Children with Disabilities

Co-Chairs:  Barry Lachman, MD, MPH
                  Renee Rodrigues-D'Souza, MD

Committee on Community and School Health

Co-Chairs:  Arathi Shah, MD
                  Katie K. Tran, MD MPH 

Committee on Early Childhood

Co-Chairs:  Hilda Loria, MD
                  Margaret Wood, MD

Committee on Emergency Preparedness

Co-Chairs:  Brent Kaziny, MD
                  Geoffrey Lowe, MD

Committee on Fetus and Newborn

Co-Chairs:  Kaashif Ahmad, MD
                  Michael Speer, MD

Committee on Foster Care

Co-Chairs:  Rachael Keefe, MD, MPH
                  Michal Pankratz, MD

Committee on Hospital Care

Co-Chair:  Cliff Chen, MD                
                 Bethany Nunez, MD

Committee on Infectious Diseases and Immunizations

Co-Chairs: Sarmistha Hauger, MD
Claire Bocchini, MD

Committee on Injury Prevention and Environmental Health

Co-Chairs:  Shabana Yusuf, MD
Melissa Kwan, MD               

Committee on Medical Education

Co-Chairs:  Lara Johnson, MD
                  Maria Monge, MD

Committee on Medicaid, CHIP and the Uninsured 

Co-Chairs:  Sandra Frasser, MD
                  Donna Persaud, MD​                     

Committee on Mental Health

Co-Chairs:  Nhung Tran, MD
                  Cynthia Lopez, MD

Committee on Nutrition & Health

Co-Chairs:  Sangeeta Jain, MD
     Elizabeth Howard, MD