Committee Meeting Schedule

Below you will find date, time and location information for committee meetings being held as part of the 2018 TPS Annual Meeting. To confirm if you will or will not be attending your committee meeting, please register here.

Thursday,  September 6, 2018

Committee Meetings – Group C
4 – 5:30 pm
Emergency Medicine
Infectious Diseases and Immunizations
Medical Education
Mental Health

Committee Meetings – Group D
5:30-7 pm
Pediatric Council
Adolescence and Sports Medicine
Foster Care
Hospital Care

Friday, September 7, 2018

Committee Meetings – Group A
7:30 – 9 am
Administration and Practice Management
Child Abuse and Neglect
Nutrition and Health
Fetus and Newborn

Committee Meetings – Group B
11:30 am – 1 pm
Community Health Advocacy/CATCH/School
Children with Disabilities
Early Childhood
Injury Prevention and Environmental Health

To register for committee meeetings click here.
Remember, TPS Annual Meeting registration is separate. Registeration is open for CME, TPS Foundation Benefit and more!