Committee on Infectious Diseases and Immunizations

The Committee on Infectious Diseases and Immunizations monitors current developments related to infectious diseases and immunization schedules, focusing on the epidemiology, surveillance, outbreak control, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in children, and pertinent issues on immunization including recommendations, uptake, regulations and registry.

Committee Vision
Children in Texas will not suffer from preventable infectious diseases.

Committee Mission
The Committee on Infectious Diseases and Immunizations will monitor the epidemiology of pediatric infectious diseases in the state of Texas, identify outbreaks of communicable infections and possible avenues for action, and collaborate with pertinent stakeholders to educate and empower Texas physicians to advocate for the identification, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in children. The Committee will support and develop programs and projects that improve coverage with recommended immunizations and enhance access and uptake of vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases in children and adolescents.

Recent Activities

Resolution discouraging non-standard immunization schedules adopted as a Top 10 resolution by the American Academy of Pediatrics
Resolution authored by TPS President Jason Terk, MD
AAP News Article (requires a subscription) 

HPV Prevention
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for contacts of children with communicable infectious diseases
Shot@Life Campaign of the United Nations Foundation
Perinatal HIV Prevention

Meeting Reports
    September 2013 Report
    April 2014 Report

Upcoming Meetings
    Monthly conference calls: 12:30 - 1:00pm, first Wednesday of each month

Committee Newsletter


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Members of The Infectious Diseases and Immunizations Committee have varied backgrounds and interests, including: Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Epidemiology, Infection Control, Academic Pediatrics, Global Health, Legislative experience, development of Immunization Registries, Education, and other subspecialties within pediatrics and Infectious Diseases. We welcome your perspective!
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