2020 TPS Annual Meeting CME Proposals

The deadline to submit a proposal is Tuesday, January 7th.  The CME Committee will meet in late January to determine which proposals will be accepted for inclusion in the 2020 TPS Annual Meeting. 

TPS 2020 Annual Meeting
October 15-18, 2020
Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center
Galveston, TX

CME Submission Instruction Sheet
Please review the important instructions and information sheet to ensure your application is complete.

Needs Assessment Information
Presentations for the meeting will be chosen based on how well they meet the needs prioritized by TPS members, which are represented in the 2020 Needs Assessment Report.  Please utilize this report when you compose your gap analysis.

How to submit your proposal
Proposals for the 2020 TPS Annual Meeting are submitted online: 2020 CME Proposal Online Form.

You should have the following information ready before submitting this online proposal:
Topic/Title for presentation
Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis References
Proposed Speakers (Name, contact address, cell and work phones)

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QUESTIONS? Contact Amy White at amy.white@txpeds.org or by phone at 512-370-1519.