About TPS Awards

Sidney Kaliski Award of Merit
This award recognizes a member of the Texas Pediatric Society who has served as an advocate for children and has made a substantial contribution to both the health and welfare of the children of Texas and to the Texas Pediatric Society.

Distinguished Service Award
This award recognizes a non-member pediatrician, non-pediatric physician, allied health care provider or a layperson who has gone beyond the norm in expressing their dedication and love of children.

Early Career Physician’s Award
This award recognizes a TPS member resident or early career physician for exemplary service to the Texas Pediatric Society. A “young physician” nominee is one who is less than 40 years of age or who has been in practice five years or less.

TPS Charles W. Daeschner, Jr, MD Lifetime Achievement Award
The highest award of the Texas Pediatric Society.  The Daeschner award was created in 2001 in order to recognize the significant contributions of Dr. Daeschner not only to the health and well-being of children, but also to the education and mentoring of students of Pediatrics of all ages. The Texas Pediatric Society established The Charles W. Daeschner, Jr, MD Lifetime Achievement Award to be awarded at the discretion of the Texas Pediatric Society Executive Board to those special individuals, whose careers, lifetime accomplishments and contributions to Pediatrics emulate those standards set by Dr. Daeschner.

Mary Greene-Noble Award (formerly the Executive Board Award) Awarded by the TPS Executive Board, the Mary Greene-Noble Award recognizes a committee member or Chair or Executive Board member who has worked on and completed a specific program or project during the past year that has benefited children, the community, the Society and/or the practice of pediatrics – beyond accomplishments and/or normal activities of the other committee members.  

TPS AWARD WINNERS: 1941 - 2016 (click on years to view full list)

TPS Awards in 2017

Charles W.Daeschner, Jr., MD Lifetime Achievement Award
C. Joan Richardson, MD, Galveston

Sidney R. Kaliski Award of Merit
Richard Lampe, MD, Lubbock

TPS Mary Greene-Noble Special Achievement Award
Anu Partap, MD, Dallas

TPS Distinguished Service Award
Ernesto “Ernie” Fernandez, MD, Dallas

TPS Early Career Physician Award
Eric Baggerman, MD, Corpus Christi
Arthi Krishnan, MD, Dallas