Saturday Sessions

8:00-9:00 am
A Pediatrician’s Primer on Safe Prescribing and Disposal of Prescription Opioids [ETHICS]
Describe the neurobiology of psychotropic drugs in youth
Discuss the epidemiology of prescription drug misuse in youth
Utilize safe prescribing patterns and drug disposal of prescription opioids in your practice and community
Rohit P. Shenoi, MD

9:00-9:45 am
Common Pediatric Fractures: Evaluation, Imaging, What to Manage and When to Refer [ETHICS]
Discuss the etiology and mechanism of injury of the most common pediatric fractures, including non-accidental trauma patterns.
Obtain and interpret appropriate imaging studies to identify pediatric fractures.
Discuss appropriate management for common pediatric fractures.
Robert Vezzetti, MD, FAAP, FACEP

10:00-10:30 am
Hypertension Guidelines- 2017
Discuss the updated guidelines of 2017 by ACC/AHA on diagnosis and management of hypertension.
Implement guidelines for children and young adults with hypertension.
Discuss effective strategies to implement these guidelines in daily practice of medicine.
Arathi Shah, MD, FAAP

10:30-11:00 am
Legislative Update: What’s Ahead for Texas Children and Pediatricians in the 2019 Texas Legislative Session? [ETHICS]
Provide updates on changes in policy and laws in Texas which effect the care of children and the ethics and business of pediatric practice
Identify how members can be involved and identify TPS priorities.
Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD
Seth Kaplan, MD, FAAP

11:00-11:30 am
Update on AAP Priorities
Identify current AAP priorities and provide a general update on national initiatives
Discuss current challenges facing pediatricians and the practice of pediatrics
Speakers:  Kyle Yasuda, MD, FAAP

1:30-2:30 pm
The Care of Children with Congenital Heart Disease in their Primary Medical Home
Educate the PCP of the findings and recommendations of this newly published policy statement
Outline anticipated problems encountered by this patient population
Discuss guidelines for the care of the child with congenital heart defects
M. Regina Lantin-Hermoso, MD, FAAP, FACC, FASE

2:30-3:00 PM
Healthy Beverages for Kids: How to Educate and Advise Families
Describe role of fruit juice, sports drinks, and other beverages in the pediatric diet
Identify implications of policies regarding healthy beverages for children
Review recent evidence about beverages, added sugars, and pediatric obesity
Steve Abrams, MD

3:15-3:45 pm
Diagnosing a Noisy Breather: Stridor in Infants
Differentiate between different types and patterns of noisy breathing in infants and children (stertor vs. stridor, inspiratory vs expiratory vs biphasic).
Identify the most common causes for different types of noisy breathing in infants and children.
Describe the initial workup and management of infants with laryngomalacia and reasons for concern and need for urgent referral/evaluation.
Joshua Bedwell, MD, FACS

3:45-5:00 pm
2018 Jacobi Jug
Discuss key topics in six highly needed educational areas with thirty questions to be presented over a 75-minute period in the form of a competition between Texas pediatric residency programs.
Miranda Loh, DO