TPS Charles W. Daeschner Jr., MD Lifetime Achievement Award

O. W. “Skip” Brown. MD, FAAP

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, while my dad was completing his pediatric residency. We moved to Ruston, Louisiana, and I grew up there the son of one of the two pediatricians in the community. (I thought I was getting away with everything and in fact I got away with nothing---I learned that a good deal later). I attended Louisiana Tech Univ and LSU and then graduated from LSU New Orleans School of Medicine in 1975. I was fortunate to match at UTMB in Pediatrics under the Chairmanship of C.W. Daeschner, Jr, MD — it was a magnificent time and experience. I learned to learn and how to learn in a continuum. In 1978 I went to Longview, Texas as the first new pediatrician in the community in 20 years. I, along with three other docs (all trained at UTMB), started a multispecialty group practice - a radical adventure in a smaller community. I practiced in Longview for 32 years and then followed a challenge and returned to UTMB as a member of the Pediatric faculty. The little group practice had grown to about 120 providers and around 130,000 sq ft. I had a truly idyllic practice experience and still relate, advise, counsel, and just talk to so many of my patients, parents, and the four generations of families I came to know. While at UTMB from 2010 to present time, I was privileged to serve as Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs for 9 years and served a tour of duty as CMO for the university for about 2 years. One of the great experiences in my life has been my fortuitous engagement with the Texas Pediatric Society. I have served in many capacities including President, Chapter Chair, Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Medical Education, Administration and Practice Management Committee, School Health Committee, the Infectious Diseases and Immunizations Committee. I served as the District VII representative to the National Nominating Committee and as a Member of the Practice and Ambulatory Medicine Committee for the American Academy of Pediatrics. I received a thorough education in several areas through my association with TPS and the legion of wonderful human beings who are here as staff and pediatric colleagues. All of these experiences were primarily brought about by my relationship with Bill Daeschner and his strongly worded advice that went something like this “if you find yourself complaining about the outcome and you have not sacrificed the time to change it, you have no real basis for your complaint.”  

I am still involved in TPS, UTMB, Texas Medicine, and passionate about developing Rural Health opportunities for Texans. I am married to Shara Brown and between us we have nine grandchildren - July is Birthday massacre month! Thank goodness for Outlook calendars.