21st Century Cures Act

The 21st Century Cures Act is a health care law that promotes innovation in the health care technology ecosystem to deliver better information, more conveniently, to patients and clinicians. It also promotes transparency, using technology, to provide opportunities for the public to gain visibility in the services, quality, and costs of health care.

The first part of the rule is currently scheduled to go into effect on April 5, 2021, and has the potential to significantly empower patients and their families and increase their engagement in their own health care; however, there are specific pediatric implications and challenges. Pediatric practices need to have a documented policy and procedure for how they will receive requests for information from patients. Specifically, how fast, and in what form, patient requests for information will be delivered. The pediatric health care provider community must play a critical role in implementing these rules in a safe and meaningful way for children and their guardians.

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