2021 Legislative Session


2021 TPS Legislative Priorities 

TPS members have a long history of testifying to House and Senate Committees throughout the legislative session. The bill filing deadline is Friday, March 12th and there will be several more weeks of testimony as hearings pick up and bills begin moving to the House and Senate floor. Visit the 2018-19 Interim Advocacy page to get up to speed on relevant topics studied by the legislature since the 2019 Legislative Session. These issues set the framework for areas of focus during the 2021 Session.


Issue Testimony

SB 1 (State Budget): MedCARES

Testimony from Dr. Lukefahr in Senate Finance (2-26-21)

SB 1 (State Budget): Public Health Priorities Written testimony submitted by Texas Public Health Coalition to Senate Finance (2-26-21)
HB 1 (State Budget): Comprehensive Health Coverage, Integrating Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid delivery, and Early Childhood Intervention Testimony from Dr. Bocchini in House Appropriations (3-1-21)
HB 1 (State Budget): MedCARES Testimony from Dr. Edwards in House Appropriations (3-3-21)
HB 1 (State Budget): Medical Education and Primary Care Preceptorship Program Written testimony submitted to House Appropriations (3-3-21)
SB 1 (State Budget): Firearm Safe Storage Campaign Written testimony submitted to Senate Finance (3-3-21)
HB 1387: Relating to the storage of firearms and ammunition Written testimony submitted to House Human Services (3-16-21)
HB 133: Relating to Medicaid coverage for 12 months postpartum Testimony from Dr. Lisa Hollier to House Human Services (3-23-21)
SB 29: Relating to requiring public school students to participate in interscholastic athletic activities based on biological sex assigned at birth.  Testimony from Dr. Brian Temple to Senate State Affairs (3-26-21)
SB 248: Relating to the regulation of tobacco products and e-cigarettes Testimony from Dr. Lindy McGee to Senate Finance (3-30-21)

HB 290: Relating to continous elegibility in Medicaid coverage

Testimony from Dr. Lindy McGee to House Human Services (3-30-21)
SB 1310: Relating to informed consent for immunizations for children Testimony from Dr. Marjan Linnell to Senate Health and Human Services (3-31-21)
HB 198Relating to the prosecution of the offense of indecency with a child. Testimony from Medical Student Geordi Cortez-Neavel in House Criminal Jurisprudence (4-6-21)