2019-2020 Executive Board Nominees

2019-2020 Executive Board Nominees

The following nominees for positions on the Executive Board will be presented for election at the Awards Luncheon and Business Meeting on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Postion: President
Tammy Camp, MD, Lubbock (Automatic) 

Position: Immediate Past President
Ben G. Raimer, MD, Galveston (Automatic)

Position: President-Elect
Seth D. Kaplan, MD, Dallas 

Position: Secretary-Treasurer
Louis Appel, MD, Austin

Position: Chapter Chair
Mark Ward, MD, Houston 

Position: Alternate Chapter Chair
Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD, Fort Worth

Position: Delegate to TMA
Charleta Guillory, MD, Houston 

Position: Alternate Delegate to TMA
Valerie Smith, MD, Tyler

Position: Chair, West Region
Michal Pankratz, MD, Lubbock

Position: Member-At-Large
Kashif A. Ahmad, MD, San Antonio
Fred McCurdy, MD, Corpus Christi 

Position: Member-At-Large Department/ Resident Head
Robert Nelson, MD, Harlingen 

Position: Early Career Physician 
Lauren Gambill, MD, Austin

Position: Resident Representative
Emily Hopkins, MD, Houston

Position: Alternate Resident Representative
Ohmed Khilji, MD, El Paso

Position: Medical Student Representative
Katie Higgins, Lubbock

Position: Alternate Medical Student Representative
Benjamin Jack, Fort Worth 

Position: Nominating Committee 
O.W. "Skip" Brown, MD, Galveston
Michael Speer, MD, Houston