“Border Reflections” – A Trip to the Border

“Border Reflections” – A Trip to the Border
By Mark A. Ward, MD
Alternate Chapter Chair, Texas Pediatric Society

“We can do better.” Not my words, but the words of a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official who
was providing us a tour of the holding facilities used for immigrant children and families. The “us”
referred to was a contingent from the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) and the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) headquarters. TPS members included Dr. Marsha Griffin, an advocate on immigrant
issues for many years and me, the Alternate Chapter Chair for the Texas AAP Chapter. Drs. Kyle Yasuda
and Sara “Sally” Goza, the president and president-elect for the AAP represented the national
organization. Other members of our group included Tamar Haro, Senior Director for Federal and State
Advocacy at the AAP, as well as Dr. Rachel Golin, a former TPS member who is now very involved with
child global health and immigrant issues. Click here for more.

Click here for the full article by Dr. Mark Ward: https://txpeds.org/sites/txpeds.org/files/documents/border-trip-2019-art...